We're a one-stop shop for all home renovations


When you give us a call we will ask you about the vision you have and what you desire for your kitchen. We will discuss everything you are looking to achieve and think of how
to make it come to life. We will explain how we work and the overall process of a renovation. At the end of our call we will either make an appointment to come to see you and the space or you may send us over the measurements, and using the information we gathered on the call, we will put a
design together.


We will come to your home to measure the space. We will check doors, windows, piping and levelness of the space. Once measured, we will sit down and create a new kitchen for you right in front of your eyes. You will be able to see detailed pictures of your new kitchen using state of the art design programs. From there we can make any changes you are looking to see. We know that to get it done right, we may need to take a look at several different layouts. We leave no stone unturned. At the end of our session if we still need some tweaking no problem we are able to continue the design process at another meeting or we can finalize the design via email and phone calls.


Once the design is finalized, we will present you with all the renderings and a quote for the cabinetry. We will also go over all the documents that will need to be signed including the specs of the cabinets, warranty and cabinet finish. After agreeing to the design and quote we will sign the required documents and proceed with placing the order for the cabinets. After placing the order we will receive an acknowledgement to review to ensure everything on the order is correct. AT this time, we should know the eta on delivery. AT this time we will notify so you can take the proper steps to start the renovation.